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Libertas Finance Overview

Project Overview
Libertas Finance is a treasury-backed investment protocol operating as a Venture Capital (VC) Fund investing in early-stage web3 projects. Libertas Finance came out of the desire to democratize the venture capital markets and remove the barriers of entry for retail investors.
There is a lack of transparency around DeFi and DAOs, which is problematic for many retail investors. There are many bad actors, leading to many investors losing their money.
The team felt the best way to mitigate this problem is by being very transparent in the beginning with the community and hence the reason for us doxxing ourselves. The opportunities that retail investors have to get involved in great disruptive projects on the ground level are few and far between. Libertas Finance espouses the firm belief that greater transparency is needed for DAOs. By creating a DAO with a fully doxxed team and having the DAO operate as a VC fund, Libertas Finance will be able to solve both problems that retail investors currently have in the DeFi space. We strongly believe that the next big crypto narrative is "Real yield" which is why we have decided to incorporate that narrative on top of our VC DAO model, the first to do so.
Vision Statement:
Libertas Finance's long-term goal is to provide a toolbox for decentralized VC investing backed by smart contracts and a solid consensus-based governance mechanism. Retail investors can now participate in owning a share of an asset class that was previously unavailable due to increased security, trustlessness, and blockchain usage. Being a self-sufficient ecosystem, the community not only raises its liquidity but also manages the money and shares the profits.
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