1. What Chain are you launching on?
  • We are launching on Oasis.
2. Why Oasis?
  • We believe Oasis is the next big thing, its tech is superior. Oasis is at the same exact stage as Avalanche/Solana was, a year and a half ago. As we are a VC fund on the Oasis blockchain, we would have an early advantage of investing in the next gen projects which includes web3 protocols, play-to-earn games and defi projects.
3. Is the team KYC’ed?
  • The team members have KYC’ed each other and we are completely doxxed.
4. Are you being audited?
  • We will be audited before the launch of the protocol.
5. What is total supply of Tokens?
  • There will be a total supply of 10 billion tokens.
6. When is the DAO formation expected?
  • We plan to become a DAO by the end of 2022. More details to come.
7. What do you think the assessment process of these start up projects will look like?
  • We have a strong team that includes individuals with experience in early-stage investing, marketing, product management, design, and engineering. Furthermore, we will be recruiting community members with exceptional skills to make sure the right projects are chosen. This will all be used to vet the projects in which we are interested in investing. The core team and DAO leadership will conduct active due diligence on the projects.
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