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Libertas Treasury

Treasury Backed Investment Protocol
The Treasury Backed Investment Protocol
The Treasury plays an integral role in Libertas Finance’s protocol. It provides four critical functions for the growth and sustainability of Libertas.
1. Financial Support
  • Our treasury acts as economic security for the Risk-Free Value treasury (RFV) - for more detail, see ‘What is the Risk-free Value treasury’.
  • The treasury functions as additional financial support for the RFV.
2. Floor Value
  • The Libertas Treasury acts as a support for the protocol’s floor value, which is dependent on the amount of funds in our treasury.
  • The floor value of the over all protocol will be determined by the over all health of our Treasury. Libertas aspires to generate revenue from a variety of sources, which will in turn increase the floor value and the ongoing utility of Libertas Token.
3. Libertas Financial’s Innovation
  • The treasury will be used to fund new innovations, products, services, and projects for the Libertas Finance protocol that will expand and build up the utility of the $XLB token and its economy.
  • Additionally, the treasury provides funding for ongoing marketing campaigns of Libertas Finance.
4. Venture Capital Fund
  • Libertas Finance is the first treasury-backed investment protocol on the Oasis blockchain. The fund will lead the way for Web 3.0 venture capital investment.
  • Libertas Finance's venture capital fund is simple: incubate and invest in a wide range of upcoming web3 protocols under the Libertas Finance brand.