Risk-free Value Treasury (RFV)
Risk Free Value Treasury
  • The Risk-Free Value Treasury (RFV) is a separate wallet in the Libertas Auto-staking Protocol.
  • Within LASP, the RFV is critical to the overall health of the Protocol’s Liquidity.
  • The RFV is ensured and sustained by the token's purchase and sell fees, resulting in a positive rebase.
  • The Libertas Treasury provides additional support.
  • The RFV is a wallet that accumulates funds to help support the Liquidity pool and aids in stabilizing itself. This is especially important in the event of a sudden sell-off that depletes the liquidity pool. This can pose issues because liquidity permits the Libertas token to be bought and sold.
  • The RFV acts as an additional backing to the liquidity pool.
  • Additionally the Libertas Treasury acts as a secondary support for the RFV.
  • 3% of the buy fees and 3% of sell fees are redirected automatically to the RFV treasury.
RFV Wallet Address:
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